Friday, April 27, 2012

A dream come true!... oh so much.

Ok so if you are anything like my you were in love with the magazine Domino, it was amazing! It had all kinds of design inspiration, relatable ideas, fashion, beauty, tutorials and so much more. If you were like me you were also devastated to hear that the magazine was closing down in 2009 and wishing for a relaunch ever since. For years I thought I was the only one who felt this way until I came across an article in yesterday's Washington Post. What caught my immediate attention was a picture of a Domino cover, and the words "resurrection" in the title. Could it be true? Domino is coming back?

My excitement was quickly extinguished when I read on to find that the new cover I was looking at is only a special edition filled with old content from previous magazines, repacked like a greatest hits album. My disappointment grew when I read the interview from a Conde Nast rep who very clearly stated "we know the interest is there, that was never a question" and "there is no plan to relaunch Domino". So those of you who were excited like me, contain yourself because according to many blogs there is a lot of negative feelings about this release. However, there is always a silver lining...if you didn't get the opportunity to get all the magazines this is a great opportunity to get some of the great stuff you might have missed. 

Also if you were unaware, Domino released a Decorating book that rocks. (seen above) It is defiantly a must get! Plus there should be another "Special Edition" released in the late summer of 2012. For more details and the actual article I read, visit Washington Post.

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