Thursday, May 10, 2012

Portfolio- To Summie with love...

Recently I had the honor and privilege to style and makeover my little cousin who recently got invited to a ball. Upon completing this project it made me realize how precious time is and how quickly it flies right by, as thoughts of her learning to walk enter my head as I curled the hair of what is now a young woman. The concept was to keep it classic and simple. 
The dress was a beautiful and understated white asymmetrical dress with delicate rouging at the neckline that carries down through the dress. Adorned with a few crystals at the gather. The neckline was my favorite part and I wanted to accent this with a asymmetrical hairstyle to add balance while emphasizing the bare shoulder.

 A simple side bun with pin curls, and side sweeping bangs was a perfect solution. 
Hair, makeup, photos, and styling by Natalie Eppolito.
 And of course, Anubis was there for moral support.

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